Experienced Computer Repair and Servicing 

At TechVilla we provide you with reliable and efficient computer repair. We have several years of experience repairing all kinds of Windows and Apple computers.

Our Home Services

Data Recovery

We can step in and turn a potential catastrophe into a complete recovery when your device is unable to boot and your data is lost.

Desktop/Laptop Service

We are adept at repairing all kinds of desktops/laptops including office workstations, gaming and content creation stations.

Local Backup

We can assist to protect your valuable data from most threats, and back them up to any local medium whether it is an external Hard drive or a local network location.

OS Refresh/Upgrade

This can help your computer run more smoothly and extend your computer’s lifespan, which can save time and money. 

Hardware Upgrade

We wil diagnose and fix hardware problems so you get your device back up and running. Common repairs include hard drives, screens, keyboards, ports, cameras, trackpads, and buttons.

Virus/Malware Removal

We will clean up your computer and get you back online safely in no time with Spyware & Virus removal. Regular cleaning protects your investment and your data.

Remote Repair Services

With a secure internet connection, we can connect to your computer remotely. We can offer computer cleanups, virus removals, and much more.

Onsite Services

Our skilled techs will come to your home to resolve or offer a solution in regards to issues or problems you are having with your computer.

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